This Must End Now

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This Must End Now

“What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest. For your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes.”

– Goethe

FIRST, An important life-or-death topic for discussion: Covid! Covid! Covid!

Many or most of our “Glorious Leaders” today speak about extending forced lockdowns, double-masking and continued economic ruin into 2022 and beyond. They want everyone vaccinated with risky mRNA “gene therapy” injections, and even then you won’t be immune from “testing positive” on error-ridden PCR tests, nor from getting what they call Covid-19 disease.

Increasingly, ordinary people and professionals alike are “smelling a rat”, in laymans’ terms, finding serious errors and flaws, and making sharp criticisms of every aspect of this claimed “global pandemic”. Increasingly, Covid-19 appears to be an artificial book-keeping category into which deaths by ordinary influenza, pneumonia, and other co-morbidities are unscientifically being placed. And out of that they can promote all kinds of panic and hysteria, and command a frightened public in a dictatorial manner.

Last month I wrote a 50-page research paper on this issue, presented in ordinary language for the educated public and professionals, issuing my own sharp criticisms of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was offered as a free download, with full permissions for open sharing. It is still available, having been downloaded around 20,000 times, and shared beyond that, way beyond my expectations. It is still available, and I strongly encourage everyone to download it, read it, and share with others. Here:

“A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests and Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only and Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns” by James DeMeo, PhD

There also is this:  Supplementary Information for “A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19”

For those who downloaded this article prior to February 9th, you should do so again as the revised version after that date contains significant new information on how the lockdowns, forced masking, anti-social distancing and attending economic ruin are all by themselves prematurely driving large numbers of people into their graves. These draconian anti-human edicts have led to increasing “deaths by despair”, to include suicides, drug-overdoses, and worsening the symptoms of all other diseases and conditions.
And since the overwhelming number of people dying of claimed Covid-19 are above 65 years old, each with several life-threatening comorbidities, a high percentage of those deaths are being inappropriately and unscientifically re-classified as Covid-19 deaths.

In this research paper, which I have taken directly to the public, you will see the evidence on how Covid-19 theory (and that is all it is, a theory) lacks basic evidence to prove its existence, that the numbers of PCR tests, cases and deaths disprove any SARS-CoV-2 causality, and how the PCR tests themselves are highly inaccurate. Also more fundamentally, my paper exposes how the lockdowns/masking/distancing is killing more people than the claimed SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.

Meanwhile, we are fast losing our basic freedoms, of speech and press, of freedom of movement, of association, of rights to petition government for redress of grievances, or even to just breathe freely!
Power-drunk politicians and internet billionaires – who become even more fantastically wealthy as the middle class small businesses are crushed out of existence – scheme to censor and erase any voice which opposes their own totalitarian dictates. The situation today of dictatorial censorship is far worse than anything ever seen in my lifetime, or which I could easily point to except within the Communist totalitarian nations. We are witnessing the construction of a Medical Police State of Red Fascist outlines, complete with growing censorship of critical voices even from within medicine, censorship which must be opposed and ended if the nation is to survive and get back to the “old normal”, which was difficult enough.

I do not wish to see the USA become another East Germany, with neighbor against neighbor, and networks of spies working for Big Brother Government, or Big Sister Internet. And yet, that seems to be the plans of the globalist billionaire elites who today command the levers of political power, and who with a compliant media, spread horror stories and prey upon the fears and anxieties of the average person. This never should have been allowed to happen, the blame for which goes to BOTH Democrat and Republican leaders. The solution requires joint efforts, from both sides, to end it. The Lockdowns Must End Now.

Thank you for your attention, for purchasing our published books listed below, and for whatever donations you might gift to my non-profit institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL).

James DeMeo, PhD
Research Scientist
Director of OBRL

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns

Copyright © 2021 by James DeMeo, PhD

Here we present only fragments of the article.
Read the article in PDF version:



Basic all-cause US death data for 2020, when reviewed in light of a claimed Covid-19 pandemic, suggest most annual excess deaths are due to the physical consequences of lockdown-related mandates which create economic ruin andadded emotional and somatic-pathological devastation within vulnerable populations.

The CDC’s data on Covid-19 lab-confirmed tests, cases and deaths were reviewed as plotted on the same ordinate vertical axis scale, indicating a high correlation between tests and cases, but no correlations or causality between either tests or cases to deaths. Covid-19 deaths among age-groups of high-risk elderly 65+ years and older, were found to be of nearly identical percentages as in all-cause deaths in the same age demographic. Daily death/case ratios failed to affirm any significant global growth or spread of an expected deadly viral pandemic. Claimed Covid-19 deaths followed a dominant seasonal wintertime pattern, peaking within the different winter months of the two hemispheres.  These direct reviews of the official data exposed multiple contradictions to basic causality and logic, revealing observed pathology and deaths are primarily due to extreme lockdown measures undertaken to control a presumed viral pandemic, but not to any viral pandemic itself.
Problems in PCR/Antigen tests and electron-microscopy for specific identification of SARS-CoV-2 were exposed, indicating the claimed Covid-19 lab tests and clinical diagnoses are, at high numbers, inaccurately mis-attributing ordinary end-of-life diseases and conditions to a poorly-demonstrated virus. This is why lab-confirmed cases among asymptomatic people who remain healthy have soared to dramatically high numbers, while lab-confirmed deaths have not. All-cause of death data suggest respiratory disorders such as influenza or pneumonia are being inappropriately reclassified as Covid-19. Soaring “case” numbers reflect herd immunity only, while increased death numbers are due to comorbidities made worse in vulnerable populations by forced lockdowns and economic ruin.


One of the primary missions and responsibilities of the scientific world is to make accurate observations, analyses and predictions, based upon rational logic and causality. When science strays from that mission, and promotes inaccurate theories for social application or government policy, the consequences can be disastrous. Modern medicine is not free from such risks, of promulgating public policy based upon flawed theories. Such has been the case with the claims about a deadly virus SARS-CoV-2 causing Covid-19 disease (SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Even within the “official” Covid-19 theory or paradigm, there are numerous flaws and inconsistencies. This is seen notably inhow laboratory tests identify “cases” among predominantly asymptomatic people, with failed predictions on who will get sick and die, versus those who remain healthy and live. We expect a true pandemic with so many “confirmed by laboratory testing” cases to predict and drive up the “confirmed deaths by Covid-19″ in a manner far more substantial than is observed. There has been a general failure among all parties – medicine, science, media and government –to appreciate that fact.

Early in 2020, when horror stories and videos from Wuhan China began to appear in the American and European media, diagnoses of Covid-19 disease were made solely by clinical observations. The Covid-19 diagnostic criterion included difficulty breathing, fever, chills, heavy mucous coatings in the throat and upper windpipe, a “ground glass” opacity on chest x-rays, and other pulmonary symptoms, often accompanied by heart irregularities. Great fear of a deadly super virus escaped from a bio-weapons facility also spread around the world, with reports of massive numbers of people dying in Wuhan, and videos of panicked people overwhelming hospitals, or sometimes dropping dead in the street. Panic and hysteria were created among the general public and front-line nurses and doctors. Hazmat suits, gloves, masks, isolation wards and other protective measures were instituted, to protect hospital staff, and to contain the spread of the presumed new and potentially deadly airborne virus. China began locking down their citizens, the entire city of Wuhan being isolated by military forces, and both they and the World Health Organization (WHO) beganadvising similar lockdowns as a means to “control the spread” of the virus.

Patients with the above symptoms were rushed into isolation wards, treated as if they had the black plague, and were often placed onto ventilators, which required the administration of paralytic drugs also to keep them immobilized,which in many cases drove up the death numbers. Panic and anxiety added to physical distress, and people with just about any respiratory symptoms typical of influenza or pneumonia, were being given a Covid-19 diagnosis.

 Whether or not these steps were justified, deaths increased among elderly populations who sought refuge or treatments in the hospitals, and many more died in nursing homes where isolation and anxiety were widespread. Some states like New York transferred sick elderly people from hospitals into nursing homes, where isolation and containment was impossible, and deaths soared.The issue of whether these people were suffering from a new disease created by a viral bio-weapon, Covid-19, or merely from ordinary pneumonia, influenza and other lung and heart disorders exacerbated by panic and anxiety (which causes sphincter muscles as in the throat and bronchial tubes to contract),thereby creating similar presenting symptoms, remains an open question rarely asked. In early 2020, I also had no reason to seriously question the official narratives about Covid-19, but became increasingly skeptical, for the reasons which follow.

PCR-Confirmed Cases Do Not Support a Claimed “Pandemic”

Around mid-March, new forms of laboratory diagnosis became widely available, such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) biochemical tests(discussed below). Additional antigen tests were also subsequently developed,and today there are a range of PCR/Antigen testing apparatus. These were claimed to produce more accurate diagnosis of Covid-19 than could be obtained by clinical diagnosis of presenting symptoms only. However, both the PCR and antigen tests were over-hyped, and never so precise or accurate in their determinations. A comparison of the claimed “laboratory confirmed” case and death data are revealing on this matter. Data on the Covid-19 numbers, such as “confirmed cases” and “confirmed deaths” were firstly tracked on a weekly basis and published in early May of2020 by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). I watched those numbers steadily grow, but found a more reliable graphic presentation of the daily data reports at the Our World In Data (OWID) website. By July, the graphics clearly indicated a loss of causality and correlation between the two factors,daily confirmed cases and deaths, a problem which continued through the end of the year 2020, and now into 2021. OWID’s data came from the CDC through November 30, and afterwards from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). A separate Supplemental Information PDF discusses these differing data sources. 

Figure 1 below shows the actual OWID graphic of daily confirmed cases and deaths placed together upon the same ordinate or vertical scale of numbers.

The red line soaring upwards are the cases, while the nearly flat, horizontal black-grey line at the bottom are the deaths.
As one can readily see, the plotted curve
of PCR/Antigen confirmed cases is not congruent with the daily confirmed deaths, directly indicating they are not and cannot be causally linked.
The only
way the confirmed case and death data can be made to appear as such is by presenting those same data on a logarithmic scale, which boosts up smaller numbers and suppresses larger numbers. Or the case and death data are separated into two different graphs with the death data being exaggerated inheight by several orders of magnitude. Such exaggerations misrepresent the death data as being nearly identical to the case data, when in fact they are not.

Figure 1, above, clarifies the actual situation, and sets the record straight:

1. Daily Covid-19 PCR/Antigen confirmed cases were firstly recorded in early March, increasing over the months to dramatic numbers approaching 250,000 lab-confirmed cases per day. Three major peaks are observed in those cases:“A” in early to mid-April, “B” over the month of July, and “C” a third peak in confirmed cases starting in October and continuing to increase until late December and into January 2021. Daily lab-confirmed cases surged upwards to above 100,000 on Nov.3rd, and to nearly 250,000 in mid-December.

2. By contrast, the numbers of daily lab-confirmed deaths have not followed such a dramatic pattern. Confirmed deaths have instead remained on a fairly steady level, from several hundred to 1500 daily confirmed deaths, with the exception of the initial period from March through April, and again in late November into mid-December. Those are cold winter periods when confirmed deaths went above 2000/day to over 3000/day on some days in December.

3. Overall there is no significant correlation observed between the strongly surging daily confirmed cases with the relatively steady and dramatically lower numbers of daily confirmed deaths.

“PCR/Antigen confirmed cases” do not predict who lives and who dies, much less who gets sick or remains healthy. Instead, as detailed below, the variations in death numbers for the USA as a whole reveal a seasonal pattern, of increasing deaths in late winter of early 2020, when the Covid-19 crisis began, declining thereafter as the USA weather warmed up. A very slight lesser rise in Covid-19 deaths occurred in mid-summer, as a possible expression of lung-irritating hot-humid and dusty/pollen situations in the southern tier of US states. A third slight rise in confirmed death numbers occurred during November and December, reflecting wintertime cold conditions which swept across the nation. However, the dramatic increase in confirmed cases peaking in December (point C) shows no corresponding dramatic increase in daily confirmed deaths.


If the daily confirmed cases truly reflected the spread of a living deadly and airborne viral agent able to cause death in patients, then there would be a (predictable and steadily increasing number of daily deaths, recording the spread of such a contagious deadly virus into the population as an increasing phenomenon. Absolute numbers of deaths would then more closely match the soaring curve of daily confirmed cases with a slight lag period. However, that is not what the Figure 1 graph reveals.

Additional answers can be found in Figure 2, presenting a graphic of daily Covid-19 test numbers. Figure 2 reveals a generally constant and steady increase in confirmed 7-day averaged Covid-19 PCR/Antigen tests, starting in early March 2020 and continuing until the end of the year. While the correlation between the curves of test and case  numbers in these first two figures is strong, the correlation between the curves of both test and case numbers to those of confirmed deaths is weak, nearly absent as they eye can clearly see.

The test-number curve of Figure 2, in agreement with the case numbers in Figure 1, also shows a subtle bulge or increase in the numbers of tests over lateMarch into mid April (point A), with another peak in daily tests from late June through July (point B). Both of those peaks in daily PCR test numbers match inrise, but not in numbers, with the first and second peak in daily confirmed Covid-19 cases (A and B) in Figure 1. There also is a dramatic increase in thePCR/Antigen

test and case numbers starting in mid-October, which together reach a maximum in December (point C).

The actual number of Covid-19 PCR/Antigen tests have soared to over a million per day since early October, reaching 1.8 million daily tests in late November, without any clear correlation to the daily deaths. The most obvious and real correlation in the Figures 1 and 2 graphs is that between the daily PCR/Antigen laboratory tests and daily confirmed cases. However, neither of those two variables shows agreement with daily confirmed deaths, which remain at a relatively low number throughout the “pandemic”.

Arguably, if areal pandemic was occurring, the lab tests would accurately predict who got sick and who remained healthy, and who lived or died, in which case,laboratory confirmed cases and death numbers would more closely correlate. They do not.

These data, when graphed, reveal a basic problem in claimed causality. At the graphical peaks in late December, at point C, a record of around 1.8 million tests were made, detecting around 250,000 positive test reactions or cases. That is about a 14% positive detection rate. What does that mean, exactly? At the same approximate time, around 3000 daily deaths were claimed. That worksout to be one-fifteenth of one percent of tests (0.16%) or 1.2% of cases. The low probability of dying from Covid-19, viewed by such percentages, are not ) sufficient reason for the panic, hysteria, and loss of constitutional liberties fromforced masking, lockdowns, economic destruction, and all the rest. More specifics can be added.

The Death/Case Ratios Do Not Support a Claimed “Pandemic” 

The ratio of daily lab-confirmed Covid-19 deaths to the daily lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases, or the death/case ratio, further supports the criticism of no correlation or causality, as revealed in a separate analysis of selected 15-day periods…


The Death Toll from Lockdowns, Forced Masking & “Deaths by Despair”

 In spite of political, medical and media misrepresentations, there is no clear evidence that shows locking down entire societies, disrupting economies or forcing everyone under oxygen-depriving masks does anything of benefit towards mitigation against claimed Covid-19. The best review of this was presented in a video by Ivor Cummins, who also expanded upon the issue of seasonality: 
Cummins’ video presented various data graphics showing how daily Covid-19 deaths were already on a clear downward trend at the time when many of the nation-wide or USA state-wide lockdowns were instituted. Data was also presented where lockdowns were instituted and Covid-19 deaths increased thereafter, or had no changes at all, indicating lockdowns had no benefits.Likewise, ending of lockdowns had no significant effect upon national or state populations, either positive or negative. However, all states and nations showed the above-noted trends increasing Covid-19 deaths as the weather turned damp and cold, and decreasing deaths as it turned dry and warm. States which locked down most ferociously often had the most intensive spikes in death afterwards, perhaps due to the secondary health issues created by lockdowns and masking.In example, the state of Florida, whose Governor DeSantis basically ended all lockdowns and banned forced-masking laws in late September, experienced a gradual lowering Covid-19 death rates, as shown in Figure 7 below.Additionally, as seen in Figure 8, Florida (red bar at bottom) compared more favorably than strong lockdown states such as OR, MA, CA, KY, IL, MI, OH, NM and MN. Florida had lower rates of cases, hospitalization and deaths. This list is selective and incomplete, but the reader will understand the point, that critical complaints to end lockdowns and masking have significant facts to back them up, indicating there is little or no benefit to public health by lockdowns and forced masking policies. This figure was reproduced by Cummins from a NY Times web resource which has since removed the comparative information. 

A similar situation is found in the state of South Dakota, where Governor Kristi Noem refused to order any lockdowns. Same with Idaho, Montana and Georgia, all with minimal government edicts on lockdowns, masking or social distancing. Retail stores, restaurants, salons, barber shops, churches, gyms and outdoor recreation proceeded there as normal. They did not suffer any increase in deaths because of it, their death-case ratios ranged between 1.1% and 1.7%.By contrast, in the most heavy lockdown states such as New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts or New York City in isolation, death-case ratios ranged between 2.6% to 4.4%, more than double the no-lockdown states.

 The numbers on this are shown in Table 2 below.This is an incomplete analysis. There are no additional no- or mild-lockdownstates I could list, and admittedly I selected some of the worst of the lockdownstates for comparisons. Some states with severe lockdowns, such as Oregon orWashington also have death/case ratios similar to the no-lockdown states. But I could not find a no-lockdown state with higher death/case ratios. This analysis proves the point that locking down entire states in an extreme manner has no benefits, creating even worse conditions for their citizens, with more deaths, not fewer. The absence of lockdowns suggests the most life-protective approach.


Conclusions and Recommendations

Beyond my conclusions as given in the prior sections, I continue to feel suspicious about the last-minute data-dump of 269,249 new all-cause deaths inthe last week of 2020, and the added boost of 89,000 into the Covid-19 death numbers, to build the too-neat round number of 400,000 which is exploding all over the media as I write this paragraph. There may be innocence to some of the number-boosts, as with updated death counts over January 2020 and the last week of December 2020. However, the way in which it was done exposed a deliberate effort to spread more panic and fear, as well as a clear element of sadistic political and media power-drunkenness that accompanies everything the CDC, WHO and top “virus experts” are doing and claiming. There is the stench of “official truth” Orwellian deception in every facet of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The manner in which so many dissenting voices of both professionals and laypeople, challenging the “official truth” of Covid-19, have been rudely or brutally censored and erased from mainstream media reports, and from internet social media is exactly what one anticipates during a widespread political/medical cover-up. It makes understandable the outrage seen within the general public, to speak about “Covid Terrorism”, or a “Medical Police State”.

The various issues raised above – incongruent case-death data, seasonal variations, similarities and overlaps in clinical diagnoses between what is influenza or pneumonia versus what is Covid-19 disease, electron micrograph puzzles, PCR/Antigen testing inaccuracies, trends in population and deaths,lockdowns and “Death by Despair” – lead us to staggering new open questions,and to a completely different set of critical conclusions about Covid-19. The abundant evidence points to a Covid-19 epidemic of error and hysteria.

Is this current “pandemic” one large error of misdiagnoses, an error of categories, of book-keeping, of inaccurate PCR and antigen tests, where seasonal wintertime influenza, pneumonia, colds and various upper and lower respiratory disorders are being misidentified as Covid-19 by inaccurate clinical diagnoses and even less accurate laboratory testing?

Are numerous additional deaths the consequence of totalitarian lockdowns, exasperating pre-existing comorbidities, and repeatingly inflaming the citizenry towards hysteria and panic, driving “death by despair” to ever higher numbers? Or towards open social rebellion? 

And once so wrongly “diagnosed”, those who rush to hospitals for help are not given inexpensive, proven remedies for those “lesser conditions and diseases”. No, they are instead generally given expensive toxic meds with demands to take experimental vaccines, often putting people through a hellish set of abusive treatments in profiteering hospitals staffed by nurses and physicians with a “warrior” mentality. What does that mean exactly?

It means they are so busy fighting in the trenches against what they conceive to be a deadly enemy plague, and don’t have time or patience for anyone who dares to question their Covid Religion. Even when so much of their own advocacy and ministrations – in hospital treatments and laws crushing down ordinary human behavior – wreak havoc upon human society and biology, worsening every kind of symptom and making despair and death more probable.

I regrettably conclude that this is, indeed, what has happened over our  Lost Year of 2020.

The following summary points can be made:


1. Given the abundant evidence against the generalized “Covid-19 pandemic”,there must be a total end to forced lockdowns and masking immediately, with efforts to save the economic basis of normal healthy human life! The economic and social devastation from Covid-19 hysteria and lockdowns has its own seriously harmful and deadly effects upon the public health.

2. Intelligent protections of the elderly and those at high risk from all sorts of infectious diseases should continue, but without the strictly punitive, sadistic and cruel “protections” such as isolation, forced masking and removal from families. Outdoor exposure to natural sunlight and fresh air, with friends and family, is a life-enhancing and curative remedy all by itself.

3. Proven but suppressed remedies for all kinds of respiratory diseases, such as high-dose Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc supplements, hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive, out-of-patent medicines must be fully legalized and made legally secure for over-the-counter purchase and use. Or at minimum, without prosecution or slander of physicians who choose to use them for treatment of their patients. There should also be a decisive end to medical-pharmaceutical media advertisements as was the case in prior decades. Those who have promoted this pandemic to the public, from the high perch of government offices, should also be fired, and prosecuted if it is proven they stood to profit from the lockdowns or risky vaccines being peddled as a “cure”.

4. With such inexpensive and proven remedies as listed above, there is no need for expensive pharmaceuticals or risky untested vaccines, which should remain optional and voluntary only.

5. We must quickly return to the “old normal” not merely for reasons of public health, but also to protect and restore our Constitutional Republic and the liberties and freedoms which are being systematically stolen from everyone by power-drunk politicians, pharmaceutical robbers, and medical bureaucrats.

6. The critical data analysis in this paper has predominantly addressed the situation in the USA. However, by rational extension, the critical points and conclusions presented here are applicable for all world regions, as they go to the basic question of scientifically-defendable causality, or the lack thereof.

7. The public must be alerted to this serious situation of emotionally-plagued medical, media and academic misreporting. The public is misled and driven into unnecessary panic and self-destructive actions, to include lockdowns, masking,anti-social distancing, economic collapse and bankruptcy, treating friends and relatives like lepers, keeping children away from school, or placing them into plastic cages as if they were laboratory rats, and many similar alarmingly Medieval and fractious conducts. Meanwhile, rational voices critical of the Covid-19 “pandemic” are being censored. None of it is rational, or necessary. Itis irrational societal suicide, wherein “top” levels of arrogant, sadistic and power-drunk politicians, bureaucrats and medical officials are leading entire nations over a cliff.

8. The issues surrounding Covid-19 and the related public health are not the exclusive province or domain of medical “experts”.

 The entire population is being put at high risk by ineffective and unscientific claims, the advocates of which formulate never-ending new laws demanding obedience from the general public – to accept orders from the Big State, to lock down, to wear masks, to anti-socially distance, to keep children out of school, to allow their businesses to shutter down into bankruptcy, and a hundred other things with very deadly consequences.  Governors and police forces have been unconstitutionally empowered to enforce public health measures of a highly unscientific and totalitarian nature.


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