The Madness of ET Belief – UFO Conjectures

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The Madness of ET Belief – UFO Conjectures

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I’ve always liked the idea that Earth (and we humans) are
being visited by extraterrestrial beings, in flying saucers [UFOs].

It started with Frank Scully, supported by George Adamski
and supplemented by Donald Keyhoe.

But then my sojourn in a few semesters of Astrophysics in
college wiped that notion off the surface of my brain.

And, as many of you know, I’m, today, no ET enthusiast, for
all the reasons of astronomical difficulties with the idea:

We are a smidgen in the Milky Way galaxy and much less – a
quark – in the Universe or Cosmos; that is, Earth is virtually nothing in the
great scheme of things.

I know a few who visit and comment here think otherwise but you are pathologically wrong. They really haven’t thought through the prob- lems
of space, time, or anything else that impacts the probability (and even the
possibility) of ETs visiting Earth.

I won’t go into, again, the insistence that travel between
possible alien civilizations – even via worm holes or vortexes or spacewarps –
is problematical in more ways than one can count.

But I will accent the reasons why supposed advanced beings
from elsewhere don’t or won’t come here to Earth, certainly in the droves that
UFO reports indicate:

Earth is pathetic, within the context of other planets,
especially those containing possible advanced civilizations.

(While some of you continue to think that this planet, with
all its wonders and “awesome” attributes is a special place of existence, it
isn’t…when one compares just that which sic-fi imaginings have produced over the

The idea of stupefying sojourns by alleged space travelers assumes
that they have missed other planets with advanced or interesting beings and
flora or fauna and find Earth to be a wondrous zoo unlike anything in cosmic

If one assumes that ET believers think the galaxy and/or
cosmos is flush with alien civilizations, how is it that Earth then becomes a
standout? What makes it so? (Again, use your imagination.)

And if ETs fight the vicissitudes of onerous space travel to
get here, and keep coming back, what is the motivation? Such activity would be
as mindless as the ubiquitous travels of Earth’s retirees who think they have
to see, again and again, the mountains and seashores of Earth before they pass
on. To what purpose or avail?

Earth is a planet of ongoing and insurmountable insanity and
ignorance. Would a truly advanced ET civilization persist in visiting such a

When I was ensconced in abnormal psychologies, I, along with
my fellow students, including my pal, at the time, Wayne Dyer, often visited
local hospitals for the mentally disturbed – Eloise, or Wayne County General in
Detroit. We found the visits disturbing and quite awful, hoping not to revisit
as often as our professors liked us to.

This is how one would see an advanced civilization
addressing a visit to Earth: a one-time occasion, full of gasps and incredulity
especially if such visits occurred during times of human stress: wars, serious
plagues, the Holocaust, et cetera, et cetera.

No, buddies of mine here. Extraterrestrials, alien visitors
are not coming to Earth – well, maybe once around 10,000 years ago as Carl
Sagan suggested – but not as often or in such numbers as we see via UFO reportage,
as Jacques Vallee tells us.

They just aren’t. And if you continue to believe that ETs
are here, among us, or visiting as often as some oddballs keep insisting, get
yourself to a psychiatrist. You really need help, of a serious kind.


Source: The Anomalist

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