Happy Independence Day! – The Anomalist

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Happy Independence Day! – The Anomalist


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July 4

Here’s to 221 years of liberty and may there be more than 221 more to come for this great nation 🇺🇸 🎆 🔔. Cheers from Crystal, Bill, Linda, Patrick, and Chris. Also please note it’s the centenary of a particularly notorious photo too!

July 3

Spoiler — It’s not Avi Loeb. Now that you’re aware of that, hang around for Becky Ferreira’s chat with Mike Garrett on the protocols to tell humanity we’ve detected aliens, the importance of full (pardon the term) disclosure, and why no one can be certain what exactly we’ll find out there in the cosmos. Fortunately humans are a flexible lot who are eager to make new friends, which is why Tim Binnall’s discovery of a New Survey Finding Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe In Extraterrestrials is so intriguing. Moreso the American perspective on extraterrestrials is surprising, considering the previous administration’s draconian policies against earthbound aliens. While it seems nobody’s going to “build a wall” or a Dyson sphere anytime soon, IKEA’s Preparing For Extraterrestrials With Assembly Manuals For Aliens. While this is a bit of fun, replete with pictures to entertain, Toan Mai and Lynne Myers illustrate how humanity needs to appreciate the necessity of, and design principles of, conveying ideas between species. To riff on Chekov’s Gun, we began the article mentioning Avi Loeb and we’re rounding it out with A Note On Avi Loeb’s Thesis Concerning The Artificiality Of ‘Oumuamua. Catch the fun as Bryan Sentes handily deconstructs a Harvard professor’s thesis into its implausible constituent parts. (CS)

According to Jocelyn LeBlanc, the Adelph Hotel in Liverpool is England’s most-haunted hotel and some ghost hunters claim to have proof of this honor. The proof, on the other hand, is sketchy and in dire need of interpretation by paranormal investigators. Still, Jocelyn wouldn’t steer us wrong. In other otherworldly news, George Knapp and Duncan Phenix are boosting the signal as Stormy Daniels Goes Ghost Hunting As A “Spooky Babe”. Mmm, political cheesecake mixed into a ghost hunting television program. On the other hand Duncan and George make a point to share, “Daniels emphasizes that her TV show is serious about the subject matter and is “not porn.” I also have some prime real estate for sale in New Jersey. Cheap. (CS)

Here’s an intriguing video, by way of that lit and woke millennial Tim Binnall, where sasquatch was inadvertantly caught on video by a pair of fun-loving fellas. Blink and you’ll miss him, but at least bigfoot isn’t doing one of those cringey dances. Meanwhile on the other side of the internet, Hailie Addison wants to know, “Is Bigfoot Roaming The Woods Of St. Lawrence County?” Despite being 2,000 miles from the Pacific Northwest, New York State had 113 bigfoot sightings in 2020! Contributing to the collection of sightings is Michael Guimond who shared his own remarkable encounter. Closer to the middle ground between forteana and science is Nick Redfern who considers the circumstances When Regular Animals Grow To Massive Sizes. Ranging from beavers to spiders, Nick spills the beans on regular, everyday critters who were once giants. Or at least had giants in their ancestry. (CS)

Michael Grosso delves into the subject of poltergeists, the differences between various cases, and the possible reasons for those differences. He also hints at UFOs as “poltergeists of the sky,” coming from the same source of “unreality.” Speaking of which, Telekinesis and the Weird Case of Stanisława Tomczyk is the tale of a Polish medium in the late 19th century. Skeptics went to great lengths to disprove her abilities, but failed to do more than prove Tomczyk’s abilities were connected to her mental health. Beyond that, the mystery behind her psychkinetic abilities remained. (CM)

On a highly contentious subject in the UFO community, Nick Redfern offers documentary information proving that “despite what the debunkers sometimes say, the fact is that real ‘UFO whistleblowers’ do surface from the shadows–and, on top of that, they do provide good, solid information.” Nick then delves into Spies, Secret Agents and a Connection to UFOs and Monster-Hunters. Another brief but chilling true story–and no non-human monsters involved! Nick’s Porton Down: From a Secret Facility to a Crashed UFO and Dead Aliens? takes another Redfernian swing at the Rendlesham Forest Incident but leaves the January 23, 1974, Berwyn Mountain UFO Incident still mysterious. In the same vein, Micah Hanks says Odd Incidents Involving “Green Fireballs” Over the Southwest Once Caused Concerns about Russian Secret Weapons, but leaves their source “undetermined.” Hanks is also uncertain whether he’s on firm ground in asking between The Brown Mountain Lights and Mystery Airships: A Possible Connection? It’s an entertaining and informative speculation on whether and to what extent “art” and “life” may be associated. (WM)

July 1

Or so believes Steve Feltham, who’s kept a three-decade vigil at the loch-side (nice work if you can get it). “I can’t remember ever seeing the water down this low,” he said, which has occurred due to low rainfall in Scotland, prompting somewhat ambitious speculation that Nessie might finally be exposed. Mind you, according to Nick Redfern, there are Five Very Strange Things About Nessie, one of which, inevitably, gives rise to a mention of Aleister Crowley, while Glasgow Boy reports on A Sighting from 1987, which avoids supernatural musings, but was nonetheless very strange. (LP)

University of Queensland tutor Adam Dodd notes the June 25th UFO Report represents a “broader policy shift towards the acknowledgement of UFOs as real, anomalous physical phenomena that are worthy of extended scientific and military analysis.” Dodd also focuses upon the 21 UFO reports mentioned demonstrating “classic UFO enigmas,” representing “uncomfortable knowledge,” the Report’s admission that “UFOs threaten flight safety, and potentially, national security,” and the fact that we’ve gone seven decades without a solution. The War Zone staff combine to present Here Is The Much-Anticipated Government Report On Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (Updated). A concise historical summary leading up to the Report’s publication segues into an emphasis on the threat this organization has been klaxoning from human aerial systems, no matter what other origins may be behind UFOs. In his UAP Report and a Mini Estimate of the Situation – A Comparison Kevin Randle reprises an article he wrote two years ago to support his worry that what governmental action will follow will just be more of the same. This Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment seems to promise that, indeed, there will be a separate, “new follow-on DOD activity to lead the effort.” And interested Congressional figures maintain this time things will be different in Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are not a Rare Occurrence’. (WM)

A chronological journey through the nooks and crannies of ufological history. Even humor/satire websites are taking note of the current UFO frenzy, with Erik Gumeny giving a brief sketch of pre-20th century American reports. The piece is interesting for its provenance and its information. Curt Collins serves up another illustrated historical piece touting The Disclosure of Richard Shaver’s Saucer Secrets. It seems Shaver may have been ahead of his time in “introducing concepts that would later become part of UFO legend and lore.” Collins also discusses another early UFO character in The Life and Legend of Otis T. Carr – Part 4: The CG-ES Files. With the crucial help of “an extended member of Otis T. Carr’s family” and the aid of many others, Collins puts a conclusion to the life and initiatives of one of ufology’s most egregious fraudsters. A 1999 encounter in Argentina: The Trenque Lauquen CE-3 sounds unique in its details. Carlos Colon’s experience sounds psychological–except for his displaced truck, the somewhat corroborative story of an independent witness, and possibly even a psychic gifting as a result. (WM)

June 30

The collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium in Florida has left many gathered at the reunification center desperately hoping their missing loved ones are somehow still alive. One such family has been receiving calls from their grandparents’ landline originating from inside the destroyed building. But despite countless calls, the only sound on the other end is static. Are these calls from survivors frantically trying to make contact with the outside world? Or are these calls coming from somewhere else, from someone who has crossed over and wants to connect one last time with their family? This is nothing to scoff at. There is a long history of Phone Calls From The Dead. It may be the phone is answered by someone who doesn’t want to stop managing their household after they’ve crossed over, or a call is “made” by a loved one who wants to clarify the circumstances surrounding their death, or issue a lifesaving warning. In any case, if we are to take these stories seriously, it seems likely that goodbye is for now, but not forever. (CM)

Micah Hanks takes us away from the current UFO frenzy, pondering the problem that no putative alien visitors have actually made an unquestionable public appearance. Hanks moves to an anomalous occurrence which seems rather clearly not ET in UFO or Something Else? A Mysterious Meteorological Event in the UK. UFO or not, it’s certainly one odd story! As is The Strange Alien Abduction of Police Officer Herbert Schirmer. Note: Schirmer’s abduction took place in 1967, not1976, as Brent Swancer has it; by the way, that event is being commemorated in Ashland, Nebraska’s “Stir Up Days: Alien Encounter” this July 16-18. Nick Redfern transfers us to another weird group and UFO-related person with From the Men in Black to King Kong and Onward to Hollywood: The Connection? The truly amazing ufologist Albert K. Bender eventually made his mark in a far-different cultural area. Speaking of cultural areas, Nick then guides us to the U.K. for a Magical, Mysterious and Sometimes a Monstrous Presence: The Rollright Stones. Yep, that almost sounds like Mick Jagger and Company, and there actually is an acoustic connection through an incident involving Paul Devereux, but we’re actually talking hairy hominids here. (WM)

On Wednesday night a three-network special will feature analysis of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force’s “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” The three-hour extravaganza is scheduled to begin at 8 PM ET (interesting abbreviation coincidence), and will feature “Adventurer and Avid Explorer Josh Gates” as host. The program promises that experts will “analyze the revelations this report holds, and…bring their unique insight to what we know and don’t know.” Listed guest experts range from new NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and John Podesta through Nick Pope, Tom Delonge, and X-Files creator Chris Carter to Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp. (WM)

There’s a whole lot of high strangeness that comes with a Bigfoot encounter, beyond the obvious issue of a gigantic hairy biped strolling through the woods and making a literal stink everywhere he goes. Nick Redfern details the lesser known characteristics of Bigfoot, which may leave you longing for an encounter. (Probably a bad idea.) Then we go back in time to the The Patterson-Gimlin Film: Contradictions and Conflict with the Weirdest Movie Ever Made. It’s unlikely we’ll ever know with 100% certainty what really happened that day at Bluff Creek. What is certain is that people came out of the woodwork to smear reputations and create elaborate stories to debunk the most intriguing Bigfoot recording to date. But whether that reaction was a case of sour grapes, fear, personal agendas, or honest efforts is anyone’s guess. Finally we note the passing of Bigfoot Artist Paul A. Smith, 67,. The accomplished artist of nature and people, and especially Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest, illustrated the cover of Loren Coleman’s Bigfoot! as well as posters for the International Cryptozoology Museum, and other works as well. CM)

June 29

An Israeli archaeological team has discovered what it suggests “was the source population” for the European Neanderthals and their Asian “equivalents.” Unsurprisingly, this conclusion has excited, well, excitement and controversy within the hominin-hunting world. Pallab Ghosh has the story. For conjecture about a far more recent spread of people. see David Halpin’s Thoth’s Storm: New Evidence for Ancient Egyptians in Ireland? Halpin (and in an embedded interview, Ralph Ellis) work to convince you that legends, etymology, and archaeology prove that the Tuatha De Danann as exiled Egyptians is not blarney. A still more finite but just as mysterious conundrum, is The Unsolved Mystery of Sri Lanka’s ‘Stargate’. Demi Perera considers the fascinating puzzle of a Sri Lankan monument that’s become a focus for some world-embracing Ancient Astronaut theorizing. Coincidentally, the Sri Lankan artifact’s purpose could possibly be similar to that of a much older monument on the other end of Asia, as Paul Seaburn says that Mysterious Ancient Carvings in Turkey are a Calendar and a Map of the Universe. Another remarkable international collaborative effort is responsible for a dramatic and compelling reinterpretation of a Hittite temple’s rock-cut reliefs. As Paul concludes, “we still have a lot to learn about ancient history and ancient big ideas.” (WM)

More reaction to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force report. Gideon Lewis-Kraus follows up his lengthy The New Yorker UFO article with remarks on report’s reception and a list of the “stranger” aspects of the report itself. His focus on the report’s “Other” of the five likely explanatory categories for UFOs/UAPs will disquiet “disbelievers.” Rich Reynolds comments upon that group’s likely emotions with You Think We’re Depressed; What about UFO Skeptics? The UAP Report and an Historical Perspective has Kevin Randle wondering whether the Report presages a new, useful approach to the UFO issue, or whether it’s just “more of the same” governmental snow-job. One skeptical tack is to nibble at elements not related to the report’s core topic; hence Sarah Scoles’ The UFO Trap. Scoles looks at related journalism, claiming that “Whenever UFOs make the news, standards of skepticism start to slip.” Writing in TimesNews, Craig Cottongim asks If UFOs are Real, How Would They Impact Our Faith? While arguing from a Christian standpoint, Cottongim’s speculations generally apply to the larger religious arena. And Bryan Sentes regards the situation from an historic-philosophical perspective in Sightings: Saturday 26 June 2021: Contact, the Great Silence, and the Preliminary Assessment. (WM)

When two controversial topics combine, the result can be just too out there for some. That’s what the publisher of psychiatrist Bruce Greyson’s new bestselling book told him when he broached the topic of reincarnation memories in near death experiences in his manuscript on NDEs. So although that topic didn’t make it into his fascinating book After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond, it does appear in the latest issue of EdgeScience, the free pdf magazine published by the Society for Scientific Exploration. Also in the magazine is an interview with Garret Moddel on experiments in psi and new energy technologies; an observation about wonder in science by Vlad Glaveanu; and what is “The New Story,” on UFOs, psychical research, and religion, by philosopher Michael Grosso. (PH)

June 28

In the rather small wake caused by the release of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force report last Friday, a one-page document has set in motion an activity designed to continue and provide resources to the effort to figure out just what may be cavorting about in our skies–and maybe under our world’s waters. Duncan Phenix posts the memo; note its closing statement regarding future reporting expectations and mention of a possible “follow-on activity” to the current Task Force. Comments coming in include this one from former Sen. Reid: ‘The American People are Entitled to Know What the Hell’s Going on’. And there’s the statement released prior to the Report by its apparent main driver as Sen. Rubio Comments on UAP Report, emphasizing it’s “an important first step in cataloging these incidents, but it is just a first step.” And writing for DailyMail and Reuters, Keith Griffith and Chris Eberhart do a decent job of explaining takeaways in Pentagon’s UFO Report Left Out the ‘Top Secret’ Section”. They’ve consulted former Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program head Luis Elizondo, and also the typically-unnamed “official sources.” So we’ll forgive their very incomplete story of the changing Roswell explanations. (WM)

Reactions from those not most-involved in pushing for last Friday’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force report. Chris Cillizza’s title is tongue-in-cheek, but even the report’s mere nine pages elicit standout commentary. He notes the lack of a “formal way within the government to record UFO sightings until the Navy started one in 2019!!!”(His emphasis.) We’ve already observed how bad this admission appears, in view of a report section headed “UAP THREATEN FLIGHT SAFETY AND, POSSIBLE, NATIONAL SECURITY.” Cillizza also highlights the majority of these “filtered” reports featuring “observation with multiple sensors.” This confirms statements by Luis Elizondo and others that it’s not just “grainy videos” and “eye-ball observations” that video-based experts can casually explain. Cillizza’s Point 5 should give pause to certain expounders who maintain that only two or three pilots have reported UFOs. 21 reports demonstrating beyond-leapfrog technologies deals with AATIP’s “Five Observables.” Batting 1-for-144 in explaining the reports the UAPTF analyzed is just embarrassing (#7). And Cillizza closes noting we may need “advanced science beyond our current capacity” to figure out some reports. Scientist: I Want to Believe in UFOs. Prove Me Wrong is Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Don Lincoln opining the report “does not contain any earth-shaking reveals.” Not true, of course. Otherwise, Lincoln’s piece–aside from occasional snide labels–is a mostly-accurate narrative. For more response to Lincoln see The Briefing Room in-depth analysis by ufologist Barry Greenwood. And in another opinion piece, Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University director and exoplanet astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger was moved on June 23rd to wonder Could Alien Astronomers Have Spotted Earth? (WM)

Having checked out countless incidents where witnesses reported seeing spooks, Hayley reminds us to control the urge to jump to paranormal explanations. We are instead encouraged to accept that we often don’t know and to be more willing to state that fact aloud. This next report where Ghost Of ‘Agitated’ Woman Caught on Camera at Bodmin Jail would have done well to follow Hayley’s suggestion. Take a look at the image of the alleged ghost, and tell us if you see a ghost or an image more likely intentionally blurred. And read the comments–they’re half the fun.

1996-2021, The Anomalist

Source: The Anomalist

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