Most Overlooked Story 2021: Close Contact with UFOs May Have Caused Some Pilots Sickness and Death – Unknown Boundaries

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Most Overlooked Story 2021: Close Contact with UFOs May Have Caused Some Pilots Sickness and Death – Unknown Boundaries

This is an artist’s concept of a close encounter of a UFO and an airliner


*The original article reported that pilots died and were sickened by their proximity to UFO/UAPs, when in fact, no specific numbers were given by Dr. Nolan. However, it is fair to say — based Nolan’s account — that some of the pilots may have died and that certainly some reported serious aliments. Other examples of death and sickness of pilots based on similar close encounters with UFO/UAPs, not related to Nolan’s findings, are also included in the article. 

Special Report 

As a former newspaper reporter, I am amazed that the mainstream media overlooked a major story in 2021, which clearly explains why the Defense Dept. and Congress are suddenly so interested is UFOs, which bureaucrats have renamed UAPs.

Even though some news outlets, such as the New York Post and the Vice’s Motherboard, reported on the research of  Dr. Garry Nolan, a Professor of Pathology at Stanford University who has published more than 300 research articles and holds 40 US patents, on how some close encounters with UFOs may have caused brain damage and even death for some pilots, they didn’t dwell on this exceedingly dangerous aspect of his discovery.

To me, the fact that the U.S. government hired Nolan to look into this phenomenon is earth shattering and certainly a big, big story.  Yet, its ramifications have been brushed aside and marginalized —  as if such news is no big deal.

What Did Nolan Find? 

According to the New York Post, Nolan’s involvement with UAPs began after he was asked to use his “blood analysis instrumentation” to help with cases of pilots who were close to alleged UAPs and “horrible” brain damage.

When asked if he could describe the more abnormal effects on the brains observed with the MRIs, Nolan said: “If you’ve ever looked at an MRI of somebody with multiple sclerosis, there’s something called white matter disease. It’s scarring.”

“It’s a big white blob, or multiple white blobs, scattered throughout the MRI. It’s essentially dead tissue where the immune system has attacked the brain,” he continued.

“That’s probably the closest thing that you could come to if you wanted to look at a snapshot from one of these individuals. You can pretty quickly see that there’s something wrong.”

Approximately 100 patients, mostly “defense or governmental personnel or people working in the aerospace industry,” were analyzed, Nolan told Motherboard.

“Of the 100 or so patients that we looked at, about a quarter of them died from their injuries. The majority of these patients had symptomology that’s basically identical to what’s now called Havana syndrome. ”

Nolan Pulled Off the Case 

“We think amongst this bucket list of cases, we had the first Havana syndrome patients. Once this turned into a national security problem with the Havana syndrome I was locked out of all of the access to the files because it’s now a serious potential international incident if they ever figured out who’s been doing it.

“That still left individuals who had seen UAPs. They didn’t have Havana syndrome. They had a smorgasbord of other symptoms.”

While Nolan didn’t specify is what kind of sicknesses these individuals had, or how many may have died as a result, there can be little doubt such effects would be a major concern for the Defense Dept.

Bottom Line 

While both articles included MRI photos, I declined to publish them in this article because their source was marked “anonymous.”

These types of injuries had a familiar ring to them. I have come across similar claims of pilots becoming sick and dying from close encounters with UFOs/UAPs. In fact, recently released CIA and NSA documents reveal that various military and civilian pilots claimed to be sickened, disappeared, or died as the result of a close encounter with a UFO.

Here is a summary and documentation of some of these cases:

A Soviet aircraft reported seeing a large flying disk in their vicinity with five beams of light emanating from it: three beams were directed toward the ground and two were projected upward when the object was first sighted. The ground controller instructed one of the planes to alter its course and approach the object, at which point the disk flew to the same level and aimed one of its beams at the approaching Soviet plane, illuminating the cockpit. Listratov cited the pilot’s log as stating: At this time, the copilot was at the controls.  He observed the maneuver that the object had just carried out and was able to raise his hand to shield himself from the unbearable light. The aircraft commander was resting in the adjoining seat, and a bright ray of light, projected a spot with a diameter of 20 centimeters, passed across his body. Both pilots felt heat.

According to Listratov, the aircraft commander and his copilot both became “invalids” – shortly after the incident. The copilot was forced to leave his job due to a sudden deterioration in his health, including the onset of sudden prolonged periods of “loss of consciousness.” The aircraft commander died within a few months. The cause of death was listed as “cancer,” and “injury to the organism as a result of radiation from an unidentified flying object” was listed as a contributing factor on the official medical recorded in the hospital where the commander died, according to Listratov.

*Here are copies of the documents: 

Hostile acts by UFOs are under-reported, but they do occur, which makes one wonder why this phenomenon is considered by many not to be at least a potential threat.

If you’re interested in finding out more about such hostile UFO/UAP incidents check out the Mysterious Case of Kentucky National Guard Pilot Capt. Mantell Jr.”, or “Terror Comes to an Island – Covering Up Massive UFO Invasion of Colares.” 

*The documents in my article include sensitive information obtained by a CIA clipping service it used at the time to keep close tabs of what was happening inside countries such as Russia. The clipping service sent the CIA stories the agency would be interested in and the powers-that-be at the CIA then perused and distributed them as in-house documents. Many of the stories were from small publications inside the Soviet Union, as this one was. Remember: This was years before the Internet and before such publications had any way to be seen by the world. I hope this answers any questions I see posted about the authenticity of my research sources. Again, I added a link to the original PDF to the article The official CIA document number of the PDF is c0551622.

Here is a link to the original PDF Document


Overwhelming Evidence that ET Is Hostile Ignored Or Suppressed

  • The image used for this post is an artist’s concept of an extraterrestrial craft penetrating earth’s air space.

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

If there is one misguided theme I have heard repeated many times in and outside of the UFO community, it is the notion that UFOs and extraterrestrials are our benevolent technological and spiritual superiors, who are only trying to watch over us and gently guide humankind from a path of nuclear, biological and ecological self-destruction to an interstellar highway of spiritual enlightenment and prosperity.

There is one sect in the UFO community that preaches this brand of UFO theology and even goes as far as to blame world leaders and their military establishments of mounting so-called “false flag” attacks against humankind to drum up hatred and fear of our extraterrestrial brothers — to keep their war machines grinding to line their pockets with gold.

To me this is nonsense and certainly, a suicidal position to ignore the documented reality that both civilian and military humans are being attacked, injured, abducted, and even killed by UFOs and their hostile occupants.

Here’s the Proof

First, let’s look into some documented cases where pilots were killed or abducted by ET:

For example, until I really started researching this subject, I never realized that a U.S. Army pilot became the first known casualty as a result of such UFO aggression. Although the Army denied this, and summarily covered up this horrifying event with no less than three different, ever- morphing cover stories, I will present you with documentation and eyewitness accounts from credible witnesses that prove within a reasonable doubt that on a January afternoon in 1948 hostile extraterrestrials committed an act of war against the United States. It was likely not the first – and certainly – will not be the last.

U.S. Hero: Capt. Thomas F. Mantell Jr.

I am talking about 25-year-old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot Capt. Thomas F. Mantell Jr., who became the first publicly documented causality of a hostile act of aggression by an extraterrestrial vehicle flying over Fort Knox, Ky., according to some UFO investigators.

In his pursuit of what he described as a “metallic object, and it is of tremendous size,” the World-War II decorated pilot’s F-51 Mustang was flung to the ground from 30,000 feet in such an unnatural way that at least one baffled crash investigator decades later made the following statement on record to UFO investigators Jerry Washington and Annie MacFie: “The damage pattern was not consistent with an aircraft of this type crashing into the ground,” said James F. Duesler, a former Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps

Adding to the mystery and weirdness of the event was the fact that Mantell’s body had been whisked away before investigators reached the crash scene. Nonetheless, Duesler and the other investigators were informed by a few equally puzzled officials at the site that “nowhere on [Mantell’s] the body had the skin been punctured or penetrated, yet all the bones had been crushed and pulverized.” Also, there was no trace of blood in the cockpit.

Read the full story and all of the proof here: The Mysterious Downing and Demise of Kentucky Air National Guard Pilot Capt. Mantell Jr.

Cuban MIG-21 and Pilot Disintegrated

Cuban MIG-21 Disintegrated by UFO

A recent review of  NSA and Air Force documents released under FOIA requests, confirms a hair-raising attack of a UFO on a MIG-21 over Cuba.

The following portions were underlined in the original document:

“In March 1967, an intercept technician with the USAF Security Service intercepted a communication between the pilot of a Russian-made Cuban MIG-21 and his command concerning a UFO encounter. The technician has since stated that when the pilot attempted to fire at the object, the MIG and its pilot were destroyed by the UFO.”

Furthermore, the technician alleges that all reports, tapes, log entries, and notes of the incident were forwarded to NSA at the agency’s request.   (Here is a more in-depth analysis of the case)  

But They Fired On — Or Were Aggressive Towards ET

I can already hear some in the UFO community who, if they actually read this article, will be wailing at the top of their voices: “Yes, ET shot them down, because these terrible humans were attacking them — or acting aggressive.”

To me this is another suicidal notion that makes no sense at all in the real world:

When sophisticated spacecraft invade a country’s airspace, their leaders and military generals would be considered criminally negligent if they didn’t challenge these potentially hostile invaders to identify themselves and/or communicate with or comply with their landing instructions.

ET never does. ET simply ignores, toys with and either destroys or disables fighter aircraft in such incidents.

Want more evidence of hostile, deadly acts by ET?  Here’s one where a civilian pilot was either abducted or vaporized, which it was, we will never know:

Aussie Pilot Reports Being Buzzed by UFO Before His Sudden Disappearance

Perhaps one of the most puzzling and still unsolved cases of a pilot’s sudden disappearance after informing air traffic control of being shadowed and harassed by a UFO is the case of Australian pilot Frederick Valentich.

Vanishing Pilot: Fredrick Valentich

The 20-year-old Valentich mysteriously disappeared on Oct. 21, 1978 at about 7:12 p.m. while flying a Cessna 182 light aircraft over the Bass Strait in Australia. Unfortunately for him and his family, Valentich never made it safely to his destination, which was the Moorabbin Air Port on King Island.

What makes this case so strange is that during his 127-mile flight, the young, private pilot made numerous calls to Melbourne air traffic control complaining of being shadowed by some sort of unknown aircraft that was flying about 1,000 feet above him. Valentich told Melbourne that the object was moving so fast he couldn’t get a good look at it. He later reported that when the object got close to his plane, the Cessna’s engine began sputtering as though it might fail. Valentich finally reported: “the strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”

Transmissions suddenly stop

Map of area

After this last transmission from Valentich, there was a strange 17-second series of weird sounds.

To read the full and documented account of this ET attack click here.

Just Tip of the Iceberg

First of all,  let me say that I doubt that those in the UFO community who think ET is our God will actually take the time to read this article. Many of them react like they are brainwashed, refusing to even look at the evidence. But, if by some miracle some of them do, they will simply say humankind is warlike and ET has every right to put such primitives back into their caveman places.

Talk about being embracing the Stockholm syndrome?

These ET apologists will spew out bushels of canned nonsense about false flag attacks and grand, worldwide conspiracies by a handful of the elite who want to continue to cash in on harmful fossil fuels. They will say this instead of debating the real documented facts and their consequences:

Sovereign nations all over the world are having their air spaces penetrated by hostile and unknown crafts from some unknown world/worlds, universe, or dimensions. And when they see fit, they disable, destroy or abduct our citizens for their own unknown, nefarious agendas.

This is what your government is afraid to tell you!

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

About Chet Dembeck

Chet is an award-winning print journalist who has covered technology, government, and the Pentagon for various news organizations in the Baltimore/Washington corridor for more than a decade. Chet has completed stints as a reporter for the Washington Business Journal, the Federal Times, and the Baltimore Daily Record.

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