The UFO E-M Theorem – UFO Conjectures

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The UFO E-M Theorem – UFO Conjectures

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UFOs spurting Electro-Magnetic anomalies are back in the UFO
news lately. And some UFO enthusiasts are pointing to old (and new) incidents
involving maladies and bad happenstances because of UFO E-M interference.
Bob Hastings is the expert on such happenings and accounts.
Also, a few UFO researchers feel that the E-M aspect of some
UFO “visitations,” particularly near nuclear facilities or missile sites, are
troubling or dire.
Here’s that mind-set:
UFOs derive from entities or forces steeped in the idea of
war or imperialism. Thus, UFOs came from off-Earth or external societies that
either seek to thwart Earth’s war-like nature or are, themselves intent, at
some time in the future, on imposing themselves upon humankind, a science
fiction scenario more than a speculative suggestion, based on no evidence,
circumstantial or actual.
The observation of UFOs [UAP] near or above nuclear
facilities has become a premise for many intelligent UFO enthusiasts who haven’t
examined the idea from a rational standpoint.
Why do UFOs hover about or seem to be examining, even
sup- pressing, nuclear functions?
Have UFOs interceded in non-nuclear war-like activity, over
a historical period or during the current period of mankind’s warrior
activities where witnesses saw or could have seen any UFO presence (or
As far as I can determine from UFO lore, past and present,
there has been no active UFO intervention in the perpetual and intrinsic need
of humans to engage in war or war-like activity:
UFOs interpose themselves, it seems, from without a war-like
milieu or aggressive societal behavioral pattern.
So why do they show up, intervening or checking out nuclear
sites in many countries, particularly those in the United States, Britain,
Russia, and supposedly China and Israel, with no information coming from North
Korea, an actual problematic nation with extant, palpable nuclear abilities?

The assertion or belief that UFOs are trying or have tried
to thwart nuclear activity, but never Atomic testing – something where observers would
have seen UFOs, if present – is a flagrant example of a UFO mythos that thrives
without any real proof.
Like the heady belief that UFOs are abducting humans and/or
come from advanced civilizations housed far away in the cosmos, the UFO
examinations of atomic or nuclear installation is a bothersome canard, fostered
by those still affected emotionally or psychologically by the once effervescent
Cold War between the United States and Soviet Russia.
UFOs have never been attracted to human warfare or war-like
activity, never. The record of UFOs near or observing humans at war is nil,
totally absent from the human record.
(The alleged incident recounting pending Roman emperor
Constantine’s observation of an apparition in the sky before a military
maneuver at the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D. is a legend and did not actually
involve a UFO; Constantine supposedly saw an illuminated image of a cross
So, is there something about atomic bombs or nuclear weapons
that bring UFOs to acts of examinations or encounters, a few causing harm to
those in the vicinity of a UFO E-M emanation?
As I’ve often noted, atomic weaponry may be a powerful force
to contend with but it is primitive in its essence and one can’t imagine an
advanced species or intelligent force being attracted to “nucleareality.”
For truly highly intelligent agencies, nuclear weaponry
would be scoffed at, even derided by an absence of concern or scrutiny as the
“UFOs seek out missile site” crowd is obsessed about.
That UFOs are, seemingly, often spotted near nuclear
facilities goes to the pattern (fact) that such sites are heavily screened by
militaries hoping to avoid enemy access or worse.
Maybe lavatories in New York’s Central Park have as much
scrutiny by UFOs but lack the same kind of observers as those who keep watch near
and over atomic installations.

Source: The Anomalist

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